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Kyle + Jackie Road Trip America | Georgia

Fourth state traveled together out of Fifty

Total states that Kyle has traveled to on his own: 50

Total states that Jackie has traveled to on her own: 27




Kyle and I spent an amazing weekend traveling around Georgia this past week. We left Thursday evening after work, packed up and headed south towards Savannah. We arrived at our campsite at almost 2 am and then woke up around six hours later shedding clothing because the back of the truck was overheating! Let me explain ...

Most of our nights spent traveling around the U.S. are done camping, but you will never actually find us pitching a tent! Kyle has a cab on the bed of his truck that we lay a futon mattress in, which when equipped with a sheet and some pillows is actually quite comfortable! I like to think that we do this for the convenience, but we actually do this to save ourselves quite a bit of money! 

We started off our trip by taking in the colonial architecture and yummy food of Savannah before making our way to St. Simons island to see a historical lighthouse. We snapped a few photos and then drove 30 minutes to another location, one which Kyle refused to divulge before hand (he's our trip planner, and this stop I was told was my "surprise"). 

No matter how hard I tried to pry it out of him, Kyle wouldn't give the slightest hint as to where we were going. I kept guessing, but he kept telling me that I would never figure it out. "Nope. You're not even close. Just give up. I'm not telling you." he said. Finally we arrived at our destination, Jekyll Island. We pulled off on the side of the road and headed towards the beach. The path ended and we walked out onto a beach that was covered in giant trees! The area is famously known as Driftwood beach and apparently it's a photographers dream location because, well, it's just so dreamy! I have never seen a place like this before. Giant trees laying all about the beach. It was quiet and breathtaking and I probably took 100 pictures.... and cried a little because I was just dreaming the perfect couple would appear so I could photograph them! I could see it ... a flowy ruby red gown and a well dressed man in a suit. Ugh.

After catching the sunset on Driftwood Beach we went to a super fancy dinner a mile away at the Jekyll Island Club Resort. We had an incredible meal in a private room overlooking the water. Although it was dark outside, we could still see the Savannah moss swaying in the wind beneath the sidewalk lights. After eating until our hearts content, we changed into comfy clothes and drove 2.5 hours to our next stop on the trip. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to us, that destination had literally been on fire for a whole month (Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge). So after (accidentally) illegally driving about 40 miles across a fire line and avoiding a $500 ticket (Call us the Black Bandits .. we'll explain that another time), AND not being able to turn around, we ended up unexpectedly crossing the FL-GA line to spend the night. 

We got back on track the next day and made it to our planned stops in Macon and Stone Mountain, stopping at peach and peanut stands along the way (definitely recommend stopping if you're traveling on I-95 - Exit 85!). Finally, we ended our day in Atlanta where we were fortunate enough to crash at a friends apartment (shout out to Wilson!!!). After showering and catching some much needed sleep, we went out and met up with one of my girlfriends, Courtney, who took us out to a bar called Marcel that apparently Drake had rented out (and probably snapped some shots for his next album cover at, NBD). 

Before leaving Atlanta the next day we looked up the best BBQ in town and stopped at Fat Matt's Rib Shack, a BBQ joint so infamous that it literally had a line out the door after only being open for 30 minutes! We stuffed our faces and then hit the road towards Northern GA. There we found Kyle's family plantation (1832-1980's) that was still in amazing condition, with the current owner making much effort to maintain the house in its original interior design. We were lucky enough to be greeted by the caretakers passing by, who welcomed us inside and gave us a tour around the home. A picture of his relatives from the turn of the century was even hanging on the wall!

From there, we spent our last day hiking several trails near the Chatahoochie Natural Forest. One of them being 6 miles round trip and another leading us to the most beautiful waterfall I have ever seen! 

Another state road trip in the books for us. See you soon Wisconsin and Massachusetts! 

- Jackie + Kyle